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Our Practices

The services we offer are designed to improve multiple facets of your operations, ranging from enterprise-level strategies and production to human resource management. In addition to the practices listed below, we deliver special projects and perform custom engagements as well as offer investment advisory services for startups and SMEs.

Strategy Development

We help design enterprise-level strategies that will make your organization more sustainable, profitable and socially responsible, over the long-term. Whether you are interested in expanding your existing product line or entering new markets, we can help you develop a plan to take you where you want to go. We also help plan mergers and consolidations, along with process improvement initiatives.

People & Organization

Our consultants have years of experience in organizational design and human resource management, giving them the insight needed to help you improve your organizational structure. Managing human capital effectively can mean the difference between realizing favorable profit margins and suffering a net loss. That is why we work closely with you to optimize your administrative teams, along with your production department.

Investment Advisory

If you are a startup in need of seed capital or an SME looking for growth financing, we can help. We can develop your fundraising plans and advise on the most appropriate sources. To ensure success of your fundraising efforts, we can help prepare your business plan, financial model and investor pitch.



In addition, we pride ourselves for inventing public sector innovation model, which is based on Innovation Tree Model™ approach. For organizations that value innovation, we have designed our unique Innovation Readiness Test™, which allows identify gaps that may impede sustainable innovation.


We champion innovation and promote it throughout all of our engagements, helping you transform the way you do business. We can facilitate team meetings, where you and your personnel work together to generate process improvement ideas. Whether you need help with feasibility testing or focus groups for new products, we are ready to help you innovate.


We launched My Interview – the Middle East’s first video interview platform and the web’s first such platform supporting Arabic language. My Interview is designed for organizations that value sustainability and collaboration, and seek to save time, cost, efforts and environment